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What is Your Message?
  • Specials of the Day/Promotional Items

  • Product/Service Offerings

  • Hours of Operation

  • Time & Temperature *Make your Sign a Landmark in the community

  • Events and Reminders

  • Schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annual Reminders

  • Public Service Announcements, Amber Alerts, Etc.


Let Banner & Sign Express help you with your Retail LED sign. They are an effective way to advertise your establishment’s products and services. Compared to traditional billboard ads, dynamic LED displays can catch people attention more often.


We at Banner & Sign Express can help you turn “drive-by” traffic into “walk-in” Customers. On-site advertising, LED signs are placed on the actual property of your establishment so that advertisements can get through to your customers while they are right there. Having a Retail LED sign can help you with branding in the local area and also help with impulse buys!


Our retail LED signs are available in grayscale and full color high definition. These are easily programmable to display all of the common video and graphic file formats. The software can be used to animate text for promotional announcements, tag-lines, time and date, and more. They’re sure to grab the attention of potential clients and customers.


We are available for immediate appointments so please give us a call so we can help find a retail led sign that will fit your needs and help you increase revenues

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